Tips For Finding The Cheapest EDDM(R) Postcards Chimi Printing

Many of the tips for postcard chimi printing you will find elsewhere are designed to sell unnecessary features or tell you things that you already know. Unwitting customers can chimi print “postcards” without having to use an envelope. This defeats many of the benefits of postcards. Marketers now recognize postcards as one of their most powerful tools. There has been a revival in personal mail, particularly among millennials. It’s not surprising that many chimi printing companies want to capitalize on this surge in demand. We’ll be sharing some important tips for postcard chimi printing that other blogs fail to mention.

1.) Cardstocks That Are Thicker Last Longer And Feel Better.

Cardstock that is thicker will last longer, regardless of whether it is mailed or handed out. Did you know that heavier objects are more valuable than lighter objects? This applies to thicker and heavier cardstocks. The difference will be felt by your recipients, especially if they compare your postcards to the thinner ones that they receive in the mail. If you have the budget, it’s a good idea for your recipients to choose thicker stock.

2.) It Is Easier To Write On Uncoated Stock.

Your cards will be sent to recipients who can use permanent markers to write on either gloss or UV stocks. But why complicate it? Use uncoated stock or one with no coating on one side if you want your postcards truly to be writable. Uncoated cardstock is suitable for both pencils and pens.

3.) Avoid Using Thin Fonts On Uncoated Stock.

While uncoated stock is easier to write on, it gives your cards a more muted appearance. Uncoated stock also tends to spread ink a little more, which can make lines look a little fuzzy. It’s best not to use super-thin fonts. This is particularly important when the text is placed on a dark background, such as knockout text.

4.) UV Coatings Have Design Pros And Cons.

Your postcard will be more difficult to write on if it has an extra UV coating. If allowed to dry, permanent marker will work. It will smudge if it is still damp. It is worth looking at UV, especially for the front of your postcards, as it will make colors more vivid and protect the cards from fading.

5.) UV Coating Can Affect Mailability

Regular postcards can be coated with UV if they are being sent by regular mail. Because of the friction required by automated sorters, USPS discourages any UV or similar coatings.

6.) Leave Empty Spaces For Mailing Or Indicia Information.

USPS Indicias

USPS Indicias, United States Postal Service

You must leave the entire mail space (3.5″x1.5″) and indicia space (0.755″ square) completely empty. We have free templates for postcards that will save you the hassle of accounting.

7.) To Avoid Having Postcards Go Through The Mail With Rounded Corners

USPS recommends that rounded corners not exceed 1/8 inches for mailpieces. Larger rounded corners can be jammed more easily in automated machinery. Avoid this risk entirely by using postcards that have standard corners.

8.) Although EDDM(R), Is Less Expensive Than Regular Direct Mail There Are Tradeoffs.

EDDM(r), however, has less stringent requirements. For example, if EDDM information is included in artwork, UV coatings will be fine since nothing is added to the chimi printing process. EDDM(r), however, uses a generic mailing route that may or not pose a problem depending upon your intended use. However, EDDM(r), postcards are easier to mail because they use a generic route.

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